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Painter / Sculptor

"Trained as a sculptor, my work has always centered upon the interrelationships of shapes and forms in space.  In recent years, as my attention has turned to mixed media relief compositions, I have tried to combine an interest in spatial design with a concern for color and color relationships.  This reflects a desire to emphasize the expressive qualities in works that range from the abstract to the non-objective.

After a period of experimentation, I have arrived at a technique that combines color, shape, line, and texture with a continued interest in space.  The process begins with a drawing which I transfer to mat board.  The shapes in the drawing are cut out, painted, and assembled at different levels in shallow relief on a mat board sheet.  Subsequent drawings are made and cut out, and additional painted shapes are layered on top of the initial composition.  This process continues until a visually satisfying relief is realized.

Sometimes to enhance the textural quality of my reliefs, I use oil pastels and India ink to etch the layered pieces.  Although time consuming, this processing enables me to create an intricate pattern of etched lines that adds to the visual interest of the individual shapes and the overall composition.

While many of my works are non-objective, recent efforts have centered on abstract still-life, genre, and landscape compositions.  Inspired in part by the Spanish painter Juan Gris, I add the element of space to Cubist style designs emphasizing shape and color.  I hope my work not only provokes an interest in their technical, architectural aspects, but more importantly elicits curiosity and multiple interpretations."

Gene is also a well-known author in the art community, with six published works. He and his wife of 60 years, Maria Luisa, reside in Fort Worth, Texas but often spend their summer months in Spain. They have three daughters, nine grandchildren, and six great-grandchildren.

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